When I was observing my friends doing wake-boarding, I was thinking how much I would love to participate in aquatic sports. Especially, I have always dreamt about diving. Having had regularly participated in running competitions, I knew that I would be able to achieve it if I put my mind to it.
Overcoming these fears will open many new perspectives to me.
— Samanta, France/Latvia

SAM has AQUAPHOBIA or fright of underwater immersion. She is unable to put her head under water without experiencing a terrible sensation of panic. We will try to understand why she has this fear and be the witnesses of Sam's evolution as a beginner freediver. Still anxious about the challenge which is awaiting her, we will see that she has unexpected strength, courage and an unbreakable willpower. With the support of the whole teams she will try to overcome her fear, expand her limits and realize her potential.

I am not a great swimmer and have never been one hundred percent comfortable on the water. This however changes completly once I’m submerged. I feel a great sense of freedom and excitement below the surface. For me the chance to learn to freedive is the chance to take this to the next level. It will be amazing to learn to be perfectly in tune with my body and rely only on my own breath diving through the water!
— Janosh, New Zealand

JANOSH  is a SCUBA-DIVER but he too has no freediving experience. He will allow us to witness the difference between freediving or apnea and scuba diving. As a scuba diver he can stay underwater for much longer due to his equipment but what about the sensations and experiences ? Diving without any equipment, not having to deal with the laws of physics and decompression will give him a sense of freedom he has never felt before. We will see how much these two sports are related, even though diving without equipment is a whole different story.

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I’ve been living in Australia for 4 years now - between the tropical forest and the Great Barrier Reef. I am looking forward to visiting the underwater environment and specially feeling free to move as I wish to. Submerging myself into the freediving world will be another extraordinary travel for me !
— Lucie, France

LUCIE has a lot of YOGA experience. This helps her to manage her breathing and her emotions. Because of her yoga practice she's also the most experienced in knowing how to control her mind and not to panic. Yoga practice, being part of freedive training, should endow her with the mental keys to handle herself underwater. Just as Sam, she will be one of the least aquatically experienced and will have to deal with these new mental challenges. Being a naturally relaxed person on dry land, will she be as relaxed under water? Could she surprise us and be even more relaxed by the water ?


REMY is a SURFER. He's naturally attached to the marine world and the ocean is his main element. But this time he’ll discover a brand new side of his favourite environment. Even if he's somewhat practicing apnea while he is under the waves, he doesn't stay underwater for long and he doesn't dive deep. He never really felt the sensation of freediving. Remy will display to us how this aquatic experience helps him to move underwater and what are the difficulties that he will encounter as a surfer. And we are especially looking forward to seeing what freediving adds to his passion !

I started body-boarding at the age of twelve. 3 years ago, in search of new sensations, I diversified my boarding and learnt surfing and bodysurfing.
Despite all these years of experience, being “stuck” in a wave, submerged, is still scary. I really can’t wait to start freediving to evolve my behavior underwater.
— Remy, France