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It was while I travelled Indonesia in October 2014, that I practiced freediving for the first time. With some scuba-dives under my belt, I discovered a whole new way to explore the underwater world.

I was curious about the idea of mindfulness and surpassing oneself. Despite my scepticism, I faced the reality that I was about to completely overstep myself. What you are able to learn about the human body and therefore about yourself is absolutely incredible. Before - I was a normal swimmer, not especially sporty, but after 2 days of training in freediving, I was able to descent to a depth of 20 meters with a dive time of 45 seconds. The feeling you have when you have accomplished such a performance, when it was absolutely impossible before, is simply amazing !

I am producing this movie because I'm keen on sharing this adventure with you and especially to help you discover the undeniable benefits of freediving. It's an accessible activity (no equipment needed), a lot easier that it seems, and a sport in which you can feel the benefits of training really quickly.

This project is crucial to me, as it is a stepping stone of my previous achievements. Surpassing oneself, adventure, discovery, travel, encounters, curiosity and sharing, are the values that I hold throughout my travel movies ( It is also a big opportunity for me to direct and produce my first documentary film, while being helped by a passionate team in order to realize the first movie about freediving.



I am from France and a couple of years ago I decided to change my life. I discovered freediving during my travels around the world and I instantly got addicted to it !

At the beggining of my travel, in the Philippines, I started a beginner’s course and was really surprised by my first tries during the 2 day long lessons : 3.45 minutes in static apnea and 31 meters depth. I would have never imagined doing even half of it and from this day on I knew that this extraordinary sport will be more than a hobby.

I continued travelling and after 6 months teaching French in Mexico, I understood that there was something I missed. Freediving! I was dreaming about it, I watched freediving videos on the Internet and so I decided to look for a school where I could become an instructor in order to live my passion. The first one I found was is Cebu, Philippines.

Since I am an instructor, I'm keen on making people realize their full potential underwater !

Instructor for "Freediving Planet"


Old friends, Julien and I, are sharing the same deep passion for the Picture and the Cinema. After more than 15 years exploring the video's sphere through all the generations, from analogical camera to high definition, I'll chase a new challenge, discovering the world.

New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Japan, Thailand, Philippines,... So much destinations which push me to expand my creativity limits and experiment always more to share my adventures on the other side of the planet. French actually resident in Japan, I keep to vary my productions (bar, clubs, festivals, associations).

My participiation to this documentary is for me an exceptional achievement and finally unite travel, discovery and video in the same project !

2nd Cameraman
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Born in America, grown up in Italy, lived in Sweden for most of my adult life and then something happened - a big change in my life. I started travelling.

I explored incredible India - spending a year there helped me reconnect with something in me that yearned for lost times. I didn't know what it was, but while travelling Indonesia I understood that it was a childhood passion of mine for the underwater world that I had completely lost touch with.

Freediving became the re-encountering of my inner child. Then I met Julien and together we explored freediving and its meaning for life.

I've never met someone who talks as passionately as him about freediving. Eventually we started talking about the idea of making a documentary to introduce it to the world. And the rest is history!

Underwater cameraman & freediving consultant/instructor


I started as a guitarist and quickly felt the urge to discover what other instruments could bring as other "emotions". Music as always been visual to me. In both ways, musical notes makes me dream all day long and a movie is nothing without a proper "soundwork".

Freediving and music share a lot in common. the pressure of the ocean feels the same as high level bass waves and a melody is nothing without breathing moments.

Composer and music producer
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Graphic Designer


I was born in northern Australia and first learnt to scuba dive in 2012. It has only been in the last 12 months that my once part time hobby has turned into a profession and all-consuming passion. I am an SSI scuba instructor and manager of First Buddy Tablas in the Philippines. I am also a technical diver (certified to dive to 100m deep, the deepest any agency will qualify you to), rebreather diver and above all else, a cave diver. I love the challenge of technical diving and it is a constant learning process that I thoroughly enjoy. I am a scuba diving nerd and even when I’m on dry land all my time is spent on diving related endeavours.

I came to be a part of this film after meeting Wildor (you can read the full story on my blog) and I’m excited about being part of the team and furthering my skills and experience underwater. I’m already a keen underwater photographer but this venture will expand my underwater filming experience. Although this film is about freediving, and not my passion of scuba diving, it has the potential to show just how accessible the underwater world is to everyone, which I think is a worthy goal and I’m honoured to be a part of it. In the end, freedivers and scuba divers are not so different; we all have a passion for being underwater regardless of how we choose to get there.


Underwater cameraman & technical scuba diver
Manager of First Buddy Tablas

I was born in Taiwan and work as a documentary Filmmaker for over 10 years. The curiosity about discovering the beauty/humanity of this world is what kept me moving on.

My vision was wide opened during one sleepless night then I decided to begin backpacking in 2008. Australia, Europe and Asia have been my open-book so far and there will never be a final page. Traveling also brought me a pleasure to meet Julien in Paris, and get to know about his freediving project.

Freediving is something I’ve never thought I would be trying since I was brought up as a city girl, has a bit of aquaphobia, too. But the more I get to know about this project, I feel the importance to help and make it happen.(Even though I might just stay on the surface with my gears as a “crew”, not as a “diver". :p) This story can actually inspire people to conquer the inner fear of their lives which is what life is all about.

It will be interesting to actually witness this incredible adventurous journey with the whole team, I’m ready to devote my past experience to help this project happen. :)


Documentary Filmmaker & soundwomen


Photography has always been something I’ve been fascinated with since. I formally started with film photography in 2005 and later moved went digital around 2008. I’ve worked as a photographer’s assistant and fashion assistant working on photo shoots, editorials and photography workshops. I’ve also worked as a freelance photographer and/or creative director for a few events (Philippine Fashion Week, corporate activities, weddings, prenuptial, portrait shoots).
My connection with water: Ever since I was a child, I loved being around water. My love for the ocean started with the collection of books of Jacques Cousteau. Seeing the beautiful underwater photos from all over the world was inspiring. I started the same freediving courses as our characters (AIDA1) in October 2015 and I’ve been freediving often since then.

I'm glad to be part of the team as a local guide/translator and photographer and be able to capture the behind-the-scenes and how people from different walks of life all transform through their freediving journey.

Local guide / Translator and Photographer

The other team members soon !