Apnea, called as well "freediving"

Freediving consists to hold your breath under water. What can you do with a single breath of air ?

To find out we will follow four beginner freedivers throughout the programme AIDA level 1 and 2 taught by the professionals of “Freediving Planet” diving center.


There they will learn all the techniques to dive securely in depth and discover the behavior of their bodies within an aquatic environment. Yoga, which is an integral part of the learning, allows not only to control one's emotions, cardiac rhythm and breathing, which decreases our consumption of oxygen, but contributes to our well-being.

In just four days of training, with minimal explanations and practices, all of them will see a dramatic improvement of their underwater skills . Able to descent up to ten meters deep, they will feel the training benefits, wonder at this new world and the extraordinary sensations of freediving.

Freediving is not a dangerous sport - to convince you special attention will be paid to the SAFETY . We will learn, from the professionals of “Freediving Planet”, the basic techniques and rules in order to practice apnea safely. We will even be accompanied throughout the trip by Wildor, an experienced freediver.

In the water, some of the practice will be done in a pool, in order to try static apnea which consists of staying as long as possible with your airways under water.

Once this first step has been concluded, the divers will be going into sea to practice these new acquired skills by adding a new factor - depth. Around the security buoy, our divers will descend one after another along a vertical cable which serves as a guide for the descent and ascent.

They will follow the benevolent guidance of our instructor who will mentor them in the conquest of the depth and will introduce them to the different practices of freediving:

  • freediving as free immersion in which you reach the most important depth by pulling on the cable by the sheer force of arms, for the descent as for ascent.

  • apnea at a constant weight, with or without fins, during which the freediver descends as deep as possible with the sole strength of the muscles of the legs and arms.

But you shouldn’t think that 15 or 20 meters depth is tamed so easily. The challenge is physical but as well and especially mental. How to resist the irrepressible desire to breathe? How to fight this constant discomfort during descent ?

Freediving is also exploring oneself. Its practice requires knowing when to relax, show humility and above all - never force. Everything happens much more in the head than we imagine. We must listen and feel the signs given by our body and our subconscious. Needless to swim at full speed to recover oxygen when the body manifests its lack. We must learn to master this state. Yoga and mental projections help greatly in these times to stay calm and not to panic. We gather the meters and moments under water to finally enjoy our surroundings. This is another world, and it can be tamed.