Human and water. A relationship that dates back to our origins. Immersed for 9 months, already at our birth we have the reflexes of apnea. But what toddlers can achieve- others, much older are incapable of doing.

Sam is aquaphobic and is about to face a gigantic challenge, as in 3 months she’s departing to Philippines in order to learn freediving. Followed by Janosh (scuba diver), Lucie (yoga practitioner) and Remy (surfer) - 3 other beginner divers with whom she’ll learn the foundations of this incredible sport.

But will they succeed ? Descending 10 or 15 meters deep when you are afraid of water seems rather impossible.

Through different portraits we will question the human relationship with water, while discovering that freediving is much more accessible than we imagined.

An internal journey which will push each of the participants to pass their limits and to reconquer their element of origin.


Departure 4th of April 2016

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a discovery journey into apnea

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Photos of the world premiere in France, the Thrusday 23rd of August 2018 with most of the ffilm crew.



The goal of this movie is to introduce freediving to the general public.
Our idea of this sport is often reduced to the competitions, as practiced in the movie “Grand Bleu” , or to the performances of athletes. But freediving is rooted deeply in us. It’s a very simple activity which everyone can practice and which only demands you to develop yourself.

This movie should give to the most curious and courageous of you the urge to conquer the depths.



1 person out of 10 is scared of water..

After 9 months spent in a liquid environment (99% made of water), all babies know how to dive in apnea. They have all the natatory reflexes - when immersing they close their mouth, automatically blocking their respiration and moving their arms and legs. And they feel as comfortable in water as fish..

Even though we are born with these natural skills they become more or less expressed in us or even completely forgotten over the years living on dry land. As well some among us can persuade themselves that they “are not made for freediving” or that they are incapable to hold their breathe for “more than a few seconds”. The distance to the aquatic environment even  brings us to develop a fright. Sam is one of these people - she’s scared of immersion. But Sam has decided to finally do something about this handicap and starts taking courses at a swimming pool to face her biggest personal challenge yet. Once she has gained confidence in herself and her aquatic capacities she will fly to Philippines to learn the basics of freediving.



Who I am in the water... ?

This is the link with water we will try to question during the adventure - through interviews with our divers and their experiences in the practice of yoga, scuba diving and surfing.
The narrative will be also run through with authentic meetings which will bear witness to their deep relations binding them to water. With this film we have the will to spread the values f sharing , freedom, dreams, self-transcendence, wellness, curiosity.

And if someone like Sam who is afraid of water can do it, why not you !? 

If you are still in doubt, join our beginner divers in this adventure and after all will become evident !


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